Friday, May 23, 2014

What we do on Mondays

I have always, always said "One sport a season." If you're anything like me (and I'm sure you are because most of you are sensible people!), you hate, hate being super busy, right? Super busy=Super crazy town.

My kids have always played soccer in the fall and spring. This winter, Scamp mentioned something about wanting to play baseball so I looked into it. He really does love baseball, books about the sport and facts about the players and teams. Playing America's Passtime seemed like the next logical event.

It turned out baseball was going to be pretty intensive as far as practices and games went but we were willing. So, when we got closer to the spring, I asked him again if he wanted to play soccer or baseball, and somehow we had a Fourth-grader-Mom-old-person-generational conversation mix-up and I swear to you I heard SOCCER. So he didn't get signed up for baseball.

Because remember two sports=super busy=super crazy town=insane and very unhappy mama.

Bu apparently, I misunderstood. He did want to play baseball. Not soccer!! Oh boy. I think at one point we were both in tears.

A few days after the above mentioned misunderstanding, our friend, who is also a baseball coach of some other Fourth graders, serendipitously asked if Scamp could play on their team. Scamp had missed most of the practices, but they could use another player and games were only on Monday nights with no more practices scheduled and could he please play? I looked into the baby blues of my second born and something snapped. I caved. CAVED.

Sure you can play baseball AND soccer! Sure I'll run around an extra night of the week! Sure I'll pack a supper each Monday because they need to be there by 5:30 and it's a double header and our whole family still needs to eat! and Sure it's ok if you stay up until 10:00pm on a school night because did I mention there are double headers every Monday.

So, ok, yes it's a total pain to have something else to go to during the week. And yeah, eating at the ball field isn't always awesome, especially when the wind blows dirt in our mouths. But it's not all bad. It can actually be pretty fun. And the best part is that Scamp is having a blast. Awesome

Up to bat

Usually, we'll all stay for the first game and then either Adam or I will bring him home after the second game. Last week a friend even brought him home. It's been a good experience.

And as for the other two...Well, I'm happy to say they are following in my own childhood footsteps quite well by learning how to entertain themselves at the ball field. That's what I did for approximately 99% of the first 12 years of my life. My big brothers played nearly every sport conceivable for kids back then, and I didn't. I learned that dirt can be fun and there are always other siblings around to play with.

What the siblings do

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