Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring in my yard

Yesterday, the forecast was rain, and not all that warm to go with it. I was so happy to see that whoever looked at the radar was wrong! It was sunny and fairly warm most of the day. I wonder if the weather folks do that every now and then just to surprise us?

We are planning a garden this year. Our new yard has a garden plot all ready for us. The soil is like black gold (not oil, that is) and if we can't grow anything in that, I think we may have deeper issues. We have a friend helping us out with plants and advice, and I have high hopes of juicy tomatoes and crisp cucumbers this summer!


Our yard also holds other visual treats for us this spring and summer, one of them being magnolia trees. They are getting ready to burst out in bloom!


Furled magnolia blooms. Don't these almost look fake? They're so vividly pink!

Daffodil and tulip leaves started coming up a few weeks ago and are promising beauty in a few days. Peony and hydrangeas have also started peaking out around the yard. I'm really hoping the blackberry bushes in the back will produce fruit. There's a few fruit trees as well, but I can't remember what kind they are...peach, plum, pear?

Spring is always a time of hope and renewal. It always comes when it's most needed. A rough, cold and long winter only makes me more joyful in the promise and signs of spring's fresh beauty.

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