Thursday, April 24, 2014

Enforced nothingness

I'm currently sitting in the car dealership waiting for the oil to be changed in our van. Originally, I was told it would be about an hour long appointment. When a mysterious rattle made an appearance awhile back, Adam asked me to have it checked out. Now I'm sitting here in what has turned into a two hour appointment. Stupid mystery rattle! My super-sonic-hearing family has complained about the noise I can't even hear. Sometimes hearing loss can have its advantages.

But sometimes enforced nothingness can have its advantages as well. I've been wanting to blog, so I'll claim this as a blessing in disguise and not give into the temptation of a curtesy shuttle ride to the mall where I would probably just find something I don't need to spend money on. 

I'm trying out blogging on the iPad...we'll see how it turns out. If the auto-correct doesn't drive me insane, it might be the answer to my blogging dry-stage. 

Spring has been slow in coming. I had forgotten about those April showers that are supposed to usher in May flowers. We're living under a constant threat of rain and thunder storms. Sometimes they come, sometimes they don't. Earlier this week my phone consistently showed that it was raining while outside in reality, the sun shone her lovely face down, bringing out all the pretty colors.

So happy our tulips are coming up!

We were so happy to have tulips come up this year! You never know what you're going to get with a new house, you know? I read this week that a new house is like a box of chocolates. I love that! It's so true! Tulips, daffodils, magnolias, peonies, lilies, fruit trees, mums. I feel like we're surprised each day. It's lovely. 

And we now have a garden! It's halfway planted. We started one evening and then it rained the next day so the soil was too wet to finish planting. Now we've got the busy week to contend with, so we're hoping to get the rest planted Friday.   



We're complete novices when it comes to a vegetable garden, so we're just trying to have some fun, plant fairly wisely, and not stress about it. We realized that some of what we bought as small plants we could have started as seed. And could have saved some money. Oh well. Next year! I'll share with you about what we planted next week. (Look at that! A plan for another blog post. What?! There's hope for me yet. )

I'll close with this tidbit. Trying to buy modest shorts for a pre-teen is the pits!! I have one more store to try in town (Macy's) and then it's on to what the internet stores have to offer. Anyone have any advice? Denim isn't an option for the school year, goes against dress code. Thoughts or help for this mama?

Have you planted your garden? If so, what are you growing? Did you do a raised bed? Containers? A traditional bed? What's growing in your neck of the woods?

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