Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dancing girls and Shooting boys

How's that for a title??

Each time you move, there's this time of flux where everything is new, and you have to figure out where you're going to live your life.  Like where you'll do your grocery shopping, who you'll see for a doctor, and what restaurants will becoming your main favorites.  Church is another component you might find yourself wondering about.  Moving back to a community, some of those things were taken care of for us, and, thankfully, church was one of them.  But, since it's been about 10 years, not only does our church look different (it would be an understatement to say they've experienced a lot of growth) but how we fit in looks different.  Instead of being involved in the toddler room, that toddler is now a pre-teen.  What?? 

Well, the youth room looks a lot different than the toddler room did.  I thought germs and potential biters was bad, try leaving your oldest kid in a room with a few dozen other almost-6th graders.  She knows not a soul, phones are out in front of most faces, and not one of them is making any sort of effort to include her.

Their just kids.  My kids are just the same.  They have to be taught to be friendly, to include others, to know what it feels like to be "the new kid".  I want to be clear, no one was unkind nor did anyone actively exclude her.  The leaders were super sweet and inclusive.  That's what they're there for, and they did well. 

The next week Sprite came home talking about camp.  Camp?  Didn't compute.  She didn't know anyone.  Who would she sit next to on bus?  What if she was sad?  What if she needed something and was too afraid to ask?  Those were MY questions in MY head, not hers.  She was excited, wanted to go, couldn't wait. 

So I swallowed those unvoiced questions and she went.  Had an amazing time.  Made a lot of friends. Had the nerve to not even need us.  And that's the way it's supposed to be.  She's going back this summer!  Not only is camp on her agenda, but every Sunday she loves being in youth group, every Thursday, she loves being in her Bible study.  What a huge, amazing thing this is for our girl!

A few weeks ago, our middle school ministry hosted an All Girls Formal.  They wore fancy dresses, did their hair, and brought friends.  They were treated to dessert, a performance by Miss Missouri (who is lovely), and listened to a talk on true inner beauty.  They were loved.  It was just great.

Emma and Caroline

Sprite isn't the only one thriving in our new community.  Our boys are probably the happiest they've ever been.  School has been great, and there have only been a very few morning where one of them didn't want to go. 

Our school hosted a Mom-Son Nerf Gun Fun fundraiser a few weeks ago.  I didn't know what to expect, just that I needed freshen up our Nerf gun arsenal.  It turned out to be a crazy fun morning!

SUPER fun morning at the Mom/Son Nerf Fun event at school! Thanks to amazing people who made it possible!

On a side note, should you choose to participate in an activity like this, USE THE GOGGLES. No more comment on that is needed, except to say prepare for welts because those darts sting like the dickens.

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