Sunday, March 16, 2014

A reason for the silence, plus a bit of catch up

There is a reason for my months of silence here at this space. It was fear. Almost paralyzing fear. Fear of being misheard. Fear of being exposed. Fear of just flat out making a mistake. So I'm trying, hard, to put those fears aside. Because the bottom line is, I'm going to misheard, I'll be exposed, and I will absolutely make mistakes. Probably many. Might as well continue doing what I love because I've been silent so long here, so very long, and I miss it. I miss you, you faithful few readers! I miss the fact that things happen everyday and I'm not writing them down. Those things, those miracles that are the whole reason I started this blog back in 2006, might be forgotten. I don't record everything, but I want to remember a lot.

So that's it. That's the big reason. Pathetic, right? It's ok, I think so, too.  {grin}

So I'm going to be spending some days, going back in time sort of, trying to remember these miracles that have happened in our lives. Will you join me?

It was just lovely being back in town with family for Christmas. We had been our new home for about a month. I only have a few pictures from Christmas. (When I stopped blogging, I also stopped picking up my camera. The two seem to be intertwined. However, I've been more ready with my phone camera.

The first few months of the year have been like so many of yours and can be summed up with two words: COLD and SNOW.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard a version of the following (said with the every-so-slight Missouri twang): "I tell ya, we sure haven't had a winter like this until you all came to town." It's nice to blamed for the weather. I know Colorado has had it much worse, though, this year! Or better, the opinions vary depending on who you talk to.
PicMonkey Collage

For one of the snow-polooza "events" the people at the weather stations live for, I braved the grocery store 8:00pm on a Sunday night just in case.  The next day did indeed bring snow and no school, so I was happy to not have to get out.

 I can't tell you how happy this image makes me:

Children are a blessing. Bonus: she works for hot chocolate! Love this kid.

What a great kid!!

I know I am not alone in my joy in the promise of Spring!  Today was a random cold, windy day in the midst of some beautiful days.  I'm thankful.

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