Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Books and leaves

Gah...I just cannot seem to get back into this writing/blogging thing.

Maybe it's the holidays, maybe it's all the boxes I have to go through...


Regardless...Go through I must.  Adam helped a ton this weekend.  We sorted them out, got all the "office" boxes up in the office, organized the shelves that were already there (thank goodness) and made stacks of our "book" boxes.  Holy mackerel we have a lot of books!  Books upon books upon books!  That's what happens when two bibliophiles who are both teachers get married and move in together.  Their books also get together, everyone gets along really well, and pretty soon all those teaching and Greek and Latin and cook books start to have babies which means books!

Our old home in Colorado had the most beautiful built-in bookshelves where we housed a lot of those books.  Alas, those built-ins weren't able to come with us to live in Missouri and so we are without bookshelves altogether.  One would think a family with this many books would also have a plethora of shelving, but moving overseas and then into tiny apartments and town homes, then moving a few more times, really takes a toll on how those shelving units hold up.  They can only be put together, taken down and put together so many time before the cheap screws and plywood gives way.

So we're in the market for some nice-ish bookshelves.

Meanwhile, awhile back, before it dropped to below freezing temps for days on end, we had a really nice weekend and decided we'd better do something about all the leaves our yard had accumulated.  We paid the kids to help.  I'm not kidding.

And OH did they...

Suuuuper helpful.

Seriously though, they really did help quite a bit, especially our girl. Whew!  Those bags represent a lot of work.

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