Saturday, November 30, 2013

I have something to tell you...

We've moved!  Again! 


This was Adam's and my 13th move in our married life.  Perhaps that's not a number to end on, but we are hoping for an end to our least for a little while!

Back at the end of October, when I was writing 31 Days of Rent, we started seriously considering purchasing this home.  It was one of the first homes we saw when we moved here and the price, the timing and the stars all aligned.  So this past Saturday, a moving truck pulled up in front of our house (again!), loaded up our stuff and we headed into town. 

We are so thankful to have this home.  Thankful to be close to family again.  Thankful to be close to school, work and everything else.  Thankful to be in town.  Country living was fun and good and all that, but we soon learned it just wasn't for us in the long run.  Some folks love to be away from it all.  I prefer to have a quiet home in the thick of things, and that's just what this place feels like to me.

So, welcome to our home!

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