Friday, November 15, 2013

A little bit of October catch up

October completely got away without me giving a shout out to our fall birthdays!

Our oldest had the nerve to turn 12.

Happy 12th to my first baby!!
I'm just kidding, it's so fun to see her growing up.  And I do mean growing.  She is now officially as tall as me, wears the same shoes and is on her way to gain a few more inches, if I had to guess. 

She's just plain lovely.

We made mug cakes for her birthday.  Cute and fun!

But the the youngest also had the audacity to gain a year and is now 7.  He chose a cookie cake, which was a nice change from the traditional birthday cake.  Even the dog enjoyed it:  the entire 3/4 of it that was left after our celebration.  Grrrr.

Yours truly also celebrated another year.  Hoorah, I'm now 37.  Rah rah.

In all seriousness, I am very thankful for my 37 years and the blessings that I've been apart of.

Look, I even have a semi-recent self-taken picture of the birthday girl:
Love a sun flare on an autumn afternoon.

And now it's mid-November, and Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away, and then Christmas is only 4 weeks after that, and the days and the weeks are flying by quicker than I can imagine, and...


This is just life.  It's busy and hectic, full of joy and sorrows, exhausting and lovely.  Would I really have it any other way?


Have a lovely mid-November day!

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