Friday, October 25, 2013

Mist and sun


I am officially tired of talking and writing and thinking about RENTING.  !!

And since it's been a few days anyway...I thought I'd change up now, while I'm still technically 7 days away from my "31" days and just stop already.

Just stop.

And moving on.

Have you noticed how dark it is in the mornings right now?  My eyes don't want to open when the alarm goes off.  There isn't a speck of sun trying to peak through my drapes.  It is so.dang.hard.

A few mornings a week we have to get going a bit earlier then usual due to orchestra (Scamp) and Greek Club (Sprite) and Student Council (Puck--huh, bet you didn't see that one coming, did you?).  This morning was Greek Club and we pulled out into the line of traffic headed east along our highway.

The car line outside was creeping in to the parking lot, I turned and there it was.  The gorgeous golf course that sits right across the street is so pretty in the mornings, but this morning it was stunning.


I dropped the kids off and parked.  I had brought a book to read (I had a meeting just a bit later so I was killing time) but I couldn't stop thinking about that sunrise.  I had my camera with me, and finally made myself get out in the cold, cross the street and just get shooting.  It was really cold, but I am SO glad I did!

Frosty leaves

Creating gives me such a rush.  Not only did the fresh (cold!) air energize me, my soul was refreshed from the beauty of the gift of a morning.  Do yo love to create?  What is your creative outlet? Crafting, cooking, photography, painting, writing, these are all wonderful ways to create.  Create something today!

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