Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day Two of Rent: the Benefits of Renting

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This is our current rental home the day we moved in back in July.  It's cute, and reminds me quite a bit of our very first home when we first got married.

Home sweet home!

It would be easy to only see the negatives of renting.  And it's true, there are down sides.  BUT, there are many positives, and if you're feeling blue because you don't own the house your living in, it's time to remember them.

A list of positives in no particular order (all these are somewhat contingent that you actually sort of like the place where you're renting....):

  1. If you find the right place, you'll actually be saving money every month.  I know none of it is going toward a principle on a home you'll theoretically own in 30 years, but if you find a home to rent at the right price for your area, you'll be able to pay your rent and save toward a down payment.
  2. No home maintenance!!  Woo hoo!  When we bought our very first home all those years ago and we were met with our first "uh-oh" when what-ever-it-was broke, my dad smiled and said, "That's just the joy of home ownership!"  When you rent, you just call someone else.  Nice.  Oh, and we've all seen Money Pit, right?
  3. Renting allows you the freedom of time to find just the right location in your town.  Sometimes it's figuring out the neighborhood, sometimes it's measuring your commute, sometimes what you thought you wanted turns out to not be realistic (while we're enjoying country-living, we're realized we're really City Mice!).  Those three magic realtor words really are true:  location, location, location!
  4. Along with location, you can figure out what you really like in an actual home.  For example, we have hardwood floors here and also had them at our home in Colorado.  We've realized that while we love them in the main part of the house, I think having carpet in the bedrooms is really nice.  Sometimes when you are desperately seeking a new home and are on a deadline to find one, you don't think about certain aspects and end of regretting your choices (I speak from experience, and it's not always a simple matter of flooring options!).
Ok, fellow Renters or past-Renters?  What have I forgotten? Share in the comments!

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