Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8 of Rent: Make it your own; Walls edition

Home means something different to each person.  Sometimes it's the smells, sometimes it's the general feeling, and of course it's true that Home is more about who you share it with than what you fill it with.

But there are things you can do to make things more homey in your rental home.  Color was one of them, I talked about that yesterday (nearly finished! I'll show the completed project soon).  But of course there are lots of other things you can add to your home that isn't so permanent that make it yours.

Candles, decorations and sentimental reminders of where you've been help make a place your own.

I went around to our rooms and snapped quick pictures of what we've each added to help us feel at home.

The boys immediately put up all their cars and wanted this soccer piece put up almost as soon as we got them settled in their room.

We were given this sweet piece of art when we lived in Korea.  It's traditional dress for a boy and girl (can you guess which is which?).  We've had it hanging up each place we've lived since.  I love the colors and the reminders of our time there.

Sprite started setting up her room within hours of us moving in.  She wanted her room done by bed time, no exceptions.  Her clock, these photo-booth pics with a friend from Colorado, her bookshelf and that little pumpkin made by a friend are a few items she personalized her room with.  Sprite's room is one of the coziest in the house, and I think it's because she has truly moved in, all the way, everything unpacked.  It really makes a difference!

This is more of a hope for me.  After I'm done painting, I want to get several of our pictures out of packing and up on the wall.  I've had these three large photos setting her almost since moving in in the hopes that they would go up.  Now that we're painting, I'm glad I waited, but I still can't wait to have familiar artwork up on our walls!


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