Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18 of Rent: Be Picky

Boy, I am really blowing this 31 days thing....however, I have to say that at least I'm thinking about writing everyday, and that is a huge improvement!

This piece of advice came from one of my friends who is no stranger to the world of renting.   

Be picky in what you choose. 

I completely agree.  We started looking at places to rent about 3 months before we needed to move in order to know what we were getting into.  There wasn't much out there at the time, but the few places I saw were pretty disheartening.  The one that stands out the most in my mind reeked of cat (and I love cats, but not that!) and had a different jungle-themed wallpaper on every wall.  Rainforest, leopard, snake skin, etc.  Lovely.  Also, it was really dark because of this and we finally decided that while the price was good, it just wouldn't be worth it to be in that house even if the cat smell did go away.

So, consider your location, the yard if there is one, how much space you realistically need and can live with, if there is storage available, what the walls look like and if the landlord will let you paint, if they allow pets and what kind of flooring there is and what your pets might do to them.  If you have kids, what school district is the home in.  How close to shopping, church and friends or family is it? All these are things to consider, and there is probably more to think about as well.

Don't just pick the first thing that comes available unless you love it and are willing to live with it for the duration of your lease.

This is your home!  And it should be a place you feel comfortable and at home.

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