Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16 of Rent: You're not held down


The photo above has nothing to do with this post, but I have a strong aversion to picture-less posts; therefore, grasshopper.  He's cute, no?  Also, this post was originally supposed to go out Monday the 14th.

The whole weekend got away from me, what with the whole can of paint thing, the car needing detailing and the back and forth of all that, throw in a little bit of stomach upset and.....whew.  yeah.

I've had some great comments on this series so far.  Keep 'em coming!  Lots of you have experience with renting, and there is nothing like personal experience for the best teacher. 

One of my good friends said that she wished they didn't own their house right now. She didn't elaborate, but I know the feeling!  There is a certain comfort in knowing you don't have a big ol' house payment hanging over your head, holding you down in one place.  Some folks are born travelers and start to get twitchy if held in one place for a lengthy amount of time.  I used to be the opposite of this, but after tasting what other places are like, I get it.  I always joke, I would have been content to live on the same street my entire life, but I was blessed to marry a man with wanderlust, and it sort of got in my veins. 

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