Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11 of Rent: so it's not your worry

Today's post is based more on the kind of day we had versus what I had planned.

It starts innocently enough.

Today was a teacher professional development day for our kids' school and so, therefore, no school.  Sprite was at a friend's house spending the night, and the boys and I had a nice morning until it was time to pick her up.

And then we headed to Home Depot...

I picked up one more gallon of paint to finish off the living room.  Our trunk was pretty full, so I put the gallon of paint on top off our stuff.  (Yeah, you probably know where this is leading...)

We get home and start to unload the trunk.  I grabbed the gallon and headed to the door to unlock it.  The boys come screaming up at me.  Something about a "leak" and "an emergency" and I think even "horrible" was shouted out.  My stomach dropped.

Sure enough, the lid on that gallon of paint hadn't been properly smacked on at the store and it was all over.  Everything.  Ok, almost everything.  Everything enough.

A brand new tie, a shirt and jacket.  A cello case (thank goodness, not the cello it's self!!).  A suitcase with all of Sprite's stuff (again, though, thankfully it didn't get through the case's material).  When I started lifting things out of the trunk, naturally some paint also got on my clothes.

I'll stop there.

To sum up, I had to apologize to my kids for saying "crap" several times.

And it could have been worse, it really could have been. I have to remind myself that the paint could have tipped into the several bags of books we had from the library that would have been a few hundred dollars to replace.

Moral of the story:  check that dang lid yourself.

Getting some r&r at the library after a stressful day.
We stepped into the library for a much needed refresher of our book bags, and we took a few minutes to read and unwind.  It was lovely.

BUT, you're probably scratching your head here and wondering what the heck this all has to do with rent and here it is:  At least there's nothing I have to pay for in my HOME right now.  

And that's all I've got for today.

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