Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10 of Rent: a word from the Professionals

I found this article on apartment living from Apartment Therapy and I think it could apply to all rentals.  There are tips on:

  • Making your place seem more spacious
  • Creating a landing strip to keep your home clean of clutter (hello! I need this!!)
  • Sneaking wall paper into your rental (she has some beautiful papers shown)
  •  and a cute look on how to preserve your "relationship" with your home

Click HERE to read the article and watch a few short clips.

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Our Thursday is like a Friday this week because the kids are off of school tomorrow.  Our school had a social at a local farm and corn maze.  This was tonight's sunset...beautiful!

Sunset at Shryock's farm and corn maze where our middle and upper school social was held. Gorgeous night!

See you tomorrow!


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