Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days of Rent

I'm the unlikeliest candidate for a 31 day writing challenge given that I can practically count on one hand the number of posts I've written since we moved three months ago.

Or maybe that makes me a PERFECT candidate!

Let's go with that one.

Welcome to 31 Days of Renting!  I took the Nester's advice and am writing about where I am right now.  We are exactly smack dab in the middle of being renters with no home to buy in sight.  I've decided to be ok with that, embrace our renter-ship, and write to encourage myself and hopefully someone else along the way! 

This is the landing place for my series (as well as the place you'll come if you click on my button--see below), so I'll be adding to this page with each new day I post (which is supposed to be every single ding-dong day and I'M GOING TO DO IT!)

I'd love your own tips for living and embracing a renter's life as I'm sure most of you have done it.  Please feel free to leave your tips and comments in the comments section of this or each post.  Click back to Nester's 31 day link-up (below) for more encouraging, insightful or just plain fun reading each day.


Nester's 31 Day Categories

31 Days of Rent by the day:
1st:  A little bit of Introduction
2nd:  The Benefits of Renting
3rd:  Making What You Have Work, Part 1
4th  Home is in Your Attitude
5th there were soccer games and a birthday party today and blogging did not happen
6th  church, shopping, dinner out and enjoying sitting on the couch for the first time in ages; therefore, blogging did not happen
7th  Make It Your Own (but ask your landlord first!)
8th Make It Your Own:  Walls edition
9th Make It Your Own; Curtains edition
10th  A Word From the Professionals
11th  So It's Not Your Worry
12th It's What's Inside That Counts
13th  oops....completely forgot to write anything today!
16th  You're Not Held Down
18th  Be Picky
19th  Fill Your Home With Things You Love
20th  Weekend edition
21st  Contentment

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