Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rearranging rooms

We've been in this house for about two months now.  It's a rental, but is a nearly-perfect home for our family right now as we look for one to buy.  While it has four bedrooms, only three are upstairs with the fourth being in the somewhat musty basement.  When we first moved in, the boys really wanted to be downstairs so we went ahead and let them move in down there.  That bedroom was actually pretty light with a huge window and didn't feel as closed off as the rest of the basement.

This weekend, however, it finally dawned on us that the boys have been coming upstairs in the mornings with a cough, congestion and allergy-like symptoms.  All these symptoms started when we moved in, and neither Sprite nor we have had them.  Now, it's possible there is no connection, but it seemed prudent to go ahead and move them up.

So here they are in their new room and they love it!
They were so excited to be able to bunk their beds finally.  The last time they were bunked was in our tiny New York apartment and then it was only Sprite and Scamp since Puck was a wee one in the crib.

I have to admit that we are tight, tight, tight up here.  All three rooms are smack dab next to each other.  The lovely split-bedroom design that's so popular now wasn't really around back in the '60s, I suppose.  But even with our snugness, I do like having all three kids upstairs.  It makes for a much easier bedtime and morning routine.  If someone needs help, I'm there.  If someone isn't doing what they're supposed to be doing, I'm there too!

All the "office" stuff (in quotes do to the fact that we don't have any true office furniture and only one lonely bookshelf but all the other stuff that goes into making an office) went into our small living room.

And this is another result of moving the boys upstairs. Oy.

Hoo boy!  Monday night found me hauling all this downstairs to our new "office" so we would have our living space back. 

Getting settled in more now that the kids are back in school and I can get back into routine.  Are your kids back in school yet?  I never thought I'd be one of those moms that jumped for joy the first day of school, but sure enough, I am! 

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