Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nine! All NINE!!

Way back in mid-July Scamp turned 9 years old.  This kid wanted only two things:  to see a baseball game and to get a leopard gecko.

Now, you have to understand our history with non-mammels.  At one time, before we had kids, Adam (and of course, myself by default) had several snakes,  a couple of leopard geckos and then a few babies, one saltwater tank and one--nope! it was two!--freshwater tanks of fish, and a bird (ok, that was mine).  I've had my share of feeding live crickets and mice to other live animals and I wanted no part in it again. 

I was all for the ball game but not in favor of the gecko.  When asked what else he would like for a birthday present, Scamp would simply say "nothing".  This went on for a few weeks.

Finally, I caved with the express condition that any cleaning, feeding, handling, etc. would be helped out by Adam, not me.

We celebrated his birthday a day early so Sprite could be there as she had camp the following day.


I had said no way to a lizard so many times I think he was honestly surprised!  And he thought it was just a cage at first.  I guess he was thinking we'd get a animal later...


What joy!!

The day after his birthday, we headed west to see the Kansas City Royals play.

At the royals game. Woohoo!

And while we are much more St. Louis Cardinals fans, the Royals tickets were so much crazy cheaper and they were SO GOOD.  We were straight back from the dugout.  It was a great night.  The only downside was that somewhere between dinner and the game, Puck came down with a fever, but he toughed it out and had a great time anyway.

Love this kid.

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