Monday, July 8, 2013


Imagine you and I are looking at a piece of abstract art.  The more we stand and look, the more colors and shapes we perceive.  When we step closer, we realize that we can start to see some sections that look as though the artist slowed down and that the images begin to have some clarity.  But, just as we are realizing this, the picture blurs again and we are left wondering.

That's what the past six or so weeks have felt like. 

Beautiful.  Blurred.

Two weeks before we were set to move my niece got married.  It was the most lovely wedding I've been to, not including my own.  (You have to think yours is the best, right?  It would be sad if I didn't believe that.  Fortunately, I do!)  So when we got back to Colorado, we were struck smack in the face with the fact that we had LESS THAN TWO WEEKS til a moving was truck would show up at our door.  Panic ensued.  As did a sleeplessness I've not known since finals week in college.

But we did it.  We managed to pack up our entire lives.  Again.  All in boxes and wrapped tight in that seranwrap-like stuff movers use.  It's then that you realize how much stuff you own and how much easier it would be if we each had a few pairs of pants, some shirts and a toothbrush.  If you haven't moved in awhile, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about and are delusional enough to think you actually don't have that much stuff.  If you have moved recently, you are nodding your head and already thinking about what you can purge today.

Saying our good-byes was just as hard and painful as I expected but I'm not going to dwell on that again.  I love those people and I'm very thankful God put us in each others paths.  What a blessing to have friends like that!  I'm also thankful that those moments are the clearer images in that artwork I talked about up there.

The drive to Missouri is also a blur.  I was packed in the van with two kids, the dog, and the cat; Adam and another kid in the car.  The humans did great on this trip.  Winnie (the dog) was pretty fine.  Ruby the cat was another story.  Heavy panting, growling and yowling.  We stopped about 30 minutes into our journey to get her some "herbal cat calming potion".  Not sure what was in that stuff, but a few minutes after it hit her tongue (ok, you know we crammed her mouth open and shoved it in, I mean, com'mon, it's a cat! She wasn't feeling very cooperative) she went a bit limp and calmed down.  (As an update on her health, she's doing just fine and dandy.  I know.  You were worried.)

We stayed with my folks for about a week until our stuff came.  We got the keys to our place on Friday and moved in on Sunday.

Home sweet home!

It's out in the country a bit and we love the big yard and privacy. 

Playing ball in our new 

 Picking mulberries--an unexpected loveliness of our new home.

We were surprised by a lovely mulberry tree in our yard.  It's fun to pick the berries and makes awesome pink/purple stains on feet!

Hammock rides

The yard came equipped with a small swingset and hammock.  I forsee a replacement needing to made here soon!

We visited the library and came home with several armloads of books.  The kids have been reading a ton.

Picnic in the shade

We took a small trip to St. Louis which was a blast but I'll post about that seperately.  For now, if you stuck with me this long, you are a true friend!

Here's hoping for more regular posting (fingers crossed)!

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