Thursday, May 16, 2013

OH! Didn't {s}he ramble?

Oh, hello there!  Yes, I know it's been awhile and if you're reading this I have to thank you for putting my little blog into your reader, because with out a reader I'm sure I would be lost to the blog world forever and ever.  (Speaking of, have you switched to a new reader since Google Reader is going away?  I'm using Feedly and like it very much. If you haven't made the switch, do it now!)

Do you recognize the title's reference?  Here's Harry Connick Jr.'s version  There are others, but you just can't beat Harry.

In order to get my writing mojo back this post will likely be full of randomness and more or less a brain dump.  You've been warned.

~~I started packing.  For you who don't know, we are moving back to the Midwest in one short month.  Since we've moved the embarrassing number of times of ELEVEN in our 15 years of marriage I've become really good and purging and packing.  Nothing like a move to make you realize how much junk you truly have housed in a home for only five people.  And oh the toys!  WHY have 9.3 gazillion toys when the boys play only with LEGOs and the girl just listens to music???  I've convinced them that if they get rid of stuff we'll have a garage sale and they'll get any proceeds from their stuff.  Cash talks.  Now, after a few weeks of packing and purging I'm seriously thinking about just giving them each twenty bucks if we can just tow it all the thrift shop.  Sure would be a lot easier.

Box #33: boots, gloves and one cat

~~With each move I realize things I will do again and things I will do differently.  We have had all kinds of moves.  Once, our company paid for the full deal.  Packers came in and packed every single piece of crap we had, loaded it into the truck and drove it to our new home, unloaded it all too.  I thought this was awesome until I started unpacking and realized they packed a trashcan with trash in it.  Wha--?  And that I had no idea where to start unpacking because I hadn't packed myself.  Several times we've done it all ourselves.  Two-guys-and-a-truck sort of deal.  This time I think we have the best of both worlds.  We are packing ourselves, but we have movers to do all the heavy lifting and driving.  We'll see...

~~Currently, if I'm not packing, I'm usually shuffling kids back and forth from school, the soccer fields, piano, here, there and yonder.  Saturday is our last round of games and I am thankful.

It's a great night for soccer

~~I've started running again.  I have been surprised to see how long it's taken this sprained ankle to heal!  It's still sore after I run, but that's expected.  It feels like it's getting stronger, though, so that's a blessing.  But running.....dang, I am sore!

~~I am reading Stephen King's On Writing. Note: this is not a novel and therefore no psychotic, deranged, monster-like folks in this one!  I went through a Stephen King phase in high school where I didn't sleep for about four months while I read Pet Cemetery and The Shining.  And it's not that it took me that long to read them, just that that's how long I couldn't close my eyes when the lights went out.  I don't do horror very well.  But this book, oh it is good!  If you can gloss over some seedy language it's just perfect for encouraging a writer in the craft.  I've had the seed of a story lurking around my mind for about five years now and I think I'm ready to put it to paper.  You should read On Writing if you've ever had a hankering to write.

~~Spring has finally come to the mountains.  We are having rain showers to help fill our rivers and encourage our flowers to bloom!  It's lovely. 

Happy Thursday to you!

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