Thursday, May 23, 2013

A sweet sorrow

Today was Puck's Kindergarten Graduation.  Before that they performed a play and had a luncheon.  I'll blog about those soon but tonight I am feeling happy and just a bit sad, all at once.

Bittersweet.  This word continues to pop up in my mind and in conversations as our last days here come and go.

The kids and I took a walk tonight.  The golden sun shone through the aspens making them glitter and sparkle.  Aspen leaves twinkle in their own right, add evening sunlight and it becomes magical.

We stopped in a field of unmowed grass to play with the dog.  She was by her self all day and was feeling lonesome and needy.

Lovely evening before last day of school

This time of year in the mountains is not the time to decide to move.  It's the most perfect that Colorado can be.  Our decision to move was, thankfully, made back in the days of early frost with the threat of winter at our fingertips.  Still getting snow as late as last week was a nice reminder that our days left of nearly unending winter were few.  Still... 

Five years is a long enough time to not want to leave because of friendships, roots, a life established. 
Five years is a long enough time that I am finding myself tearing up nearly every day now as we begin our good-byes. 
Five years is a long enough time that I don't really want to say good-bye.

So we will continue to soak up our remaining days here in golden Colorado, enjoying the fresh dry breezes that come our way.  Loving on our friends and saying our good-byes. 

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