Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Celebration of Learning

*I first typed "2012" as the year and only realized my mistake when I hit publish.  Naturally.  Nearly six months into this'd think I'd have got the fact down.
Every year, our lower school has a day where parents can come in to see all the work the kids have been doing in all their classes.  Our Celebration of Learning day this year flew by with three kids' stuff to get to in only three hours.

We started in Kindergarten where Puck showed us his self-portrait from his first day of school.
Pages from Addison's Kindergarten portfolio
He had to clarify that "Toot" was supposed to be "Foot".  While he may have had gas that day, he wasn't exactly advertising that to the whole world.  And I'm not sure what "Foot" has to do with anything but it was his first day of school ever so maybe he was daunted by the task and just wrote the first thing that came to mind.

Sharing portfolio

Addison and Ms Baker
Kindergarten teachers hold a special place in our hearts, don't they?

Scamp shared his portfolio in poster-form with us.  This kid has come a very long way this year.

Owen sharing portfolio

Owen and Ms Wilson
We've had the privilege to have this lovely lady teach both Scamp and Sprite during our time here.

Emma sharing portfolio
Sprite refused to take off her jacket even though she had a perfectly cute outfit on.  'Tween-much? Her whole presentation was on the iPad and while I think this is really cool and 21st Century, there's the sentimental part of me that wishes we had something tangible to put in the memory box.
Emma and Ms Ullman
Sprite adored her teacher this year.  While Kindergarten teachers hold a special place because they take care of our babies, I think 5th grade teachers do, too, because they know how to wrangle multiple preteens at the same time.  Impressive skills.
Helicopter spin!!
We ended the day with a dizzying round of Helicopter Spin on the scooters.  Fun!

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