Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Hut Trip That {almost} Was

Spring may have technically started the 20th of March, but apparently someone forgot to tell the snow clouds to go away already.  It would seem Spring forgot her appointment with most everyone right now.

Sunday our family had planned a hut trip for the night.  Snowshoeing up 3,000 feet for 2.6 miles (which sounds a lot worse then it really is), we were going to be staying in Walters Cabin for the night.  We started off early Sunday with the hope that a slow and steady pace with plenty of small stops for the kids would get us to our hut by early afternoon.  The night before brought us a fresh bank of 18-24 inches of powder up on the mountain but we started off with high hopes.

The beginning part of our hike was great, and even though the temps were in the teens with lower wind chill, we even stopped to take off a layer.  The sun was keeping us company!
taking a break on our hike

And then we turned a corner and the wind met us at about 20 mph and the sun disappeared.  Adam was breaking trail for us.  Breaking about 2ft of fresh snow is not easy.  Add a nice chest cold for him to that and we had a doozy of a time. 

We finally stopped for lunch after about an hour and a half.  The wind was picking up even more by then, and it was getting colder by the minute.  After a quick bite, we all decided to turn around and head back down.  OH, were we ever disappointed!!  Even with all the elements against us, there was part of me that was regretting our decision to quit.

Our consolation prize was a fire pit and s'mores at home that night.  Our town was still boasting sun, warm temps and no wind--go figure!  Four thousand+ feet in elevation can do that.

The next morning we woke up to a few inches of snow.  And it just kept snowing.  It didn't ever stop the entire day.  We must have gotten over a foot of snow!  Vail Pass was closed the whole day, which is the part of I-70 we would have had to drive down to even get home from the hut, so we absolutely would have been stuck up there!  The higher mountains got even more snow the night we would have been in them, so breaking trail again would have been an issue, low temps and high wind.

God is sovereign in his plans--He was getting us out of those mountains before we could get stuck or in trouble!

don't let the smiles fool you-it was f-f-f-freezing!
Sprite and me still smiling even with the elements against us.  It was still a fun time together as a family and definitely memories were made!

Yesterday, all the snow melted and now it's snowing again today.  Hello? Spring??  It snowed so much in Vail that even though this past Sunday was supposed to be the last day the mountain was open for skiing, they're going to open for another weekend.  Wow.  That's some snow!

What's it like in your neck of the woods?

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