Thursday, April 4, 2013



I just heard a police siren screech somewhere in our neighborhood.  It was so unexpected and odd that it got me out of my seat, looking out the window.  Of course, with all the houses around, I couldn't see what was going on and it was gone before I knew it anyway.

There was a time, though, when we didn't even bat an eye at a police siren, a firetruck horn, the wail of an ambulance or even a regular car honk.  Sometimes all at the same time!  They were all part of the soundtrack of our lives.  Those were sounds you heard every few hours or more living in New York City.  In fact, had we not heard those sounds several times a day, things would have been eerily quiet and unnerving.  In Seoul, those sounds, plus the odd street-salesman holler was just a part of life.  We were not only accustomed to them, we didn't even hear them anymore.

I was reminded this morning of when we first moved to Colorado.  We were sitting in our quaint little mountain condo and Sprite looked up and said, "Why's it so quiet here?  It's too quiet."

Our life-soundtrack now consists of birds chirping, occasional wind in the trees, the neighbor's dog barking and kids' voices yelling as they plow down the street on their bikes.  In comparison to NYC, it's much quieter and peaceful.

I wonder what our new soundtrack will become when we move to Missouri? 

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