Monday, April 22, 2013

Prayer on the bike path


"I'll pray for you."

How many times have you said that?  How many times have you had it said to you?

My guess is you've said it, and really meant it, many, many times and have had it said to you and those folks meant it, too.

But you really pray?  More than a little, "Lord, please help so-and-so" ?  I know there are those out there we would call prayer-warriors and praise God for them.  But I think they are a rare breed.  I think most of us, and I am absolutely including myself in the us, aren't.  I pray for dinner, I pray when I am stressed or in a jam, I say "Thank you God!" when something great happens.  But I don't spend time in prayer the way I should, the way God wants me to. 

Do you?

Last week I was walking with a friend and I was sharing about all the things that needed to be done before we moved.  She took my hand right there in the middle of the bike path and prayed for me and our family as we walked.  Our eyes were open and we kept on walking and it was so powerful.

Then yesterday, at church, another woman took me aside and prayed for me right then and there after asking about our move.

Prayer.  Out loud.

It felt awkward at first, maybe a little out my comfort zone if I'm being honest.  I'm a quiet person, somewhat reserved, but these ladies were not quiet or reserved in those moment when I needed prayer.  How amazing and powerful and loving to be prayed over right there, hearing the words spoken, feeling their love and compassion for you, knowing that they're promise to pray for you is true and real and won't be forgotten in the next second.

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