Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Letter From Papa

Our school is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year and held an Intergenerational Concert in February.  Songs were picked by the Senior Center here in our valley and a handful of Kindergartners were chosen to read a selection of the letters from their grandparents.

Puck had written a letter to his grandparents (Adam's folks) asking that they share some things from when they were kids.  He received a wonderful letter back from both of them.   Puck read this letter at the concert to a packed auditorium of adults and students, teachers and community members.  We didn't know he'd be reading, it was a complete surprise.  Fortunately, I was given about a 2 minute heads up so I could get my video camera ready!

Apparently, I'm not tech-savvey enough to figure out how to get a video from Flickr to my blog page (and I've already wasted far too much time trying to figure it out!), so if you'd like to see this, please click on over to Puck's Letter from Papa.  Perhaps one day I'll figure this piece out and post it here for posterity's sake!

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