Wednesday, March 13, 2013

More pictures, nerves and a new dress

It seems I'm really only able to focus long enough to do these random posts right now.  My brain is here, there and everywhere.  Spring fever, maybe?

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I came across a few more pictures that were on my phone from our California trip.

Owen and Addison
My boys
Chewy and R2
LEGO Chewy, R2 and the kids
"Luke.  I am your father."
Me and my boy
Me on my boy on the slowest boat ride ever.

And this tops my list as the funniest:
Force choke curtesy of Darth Maul
  Force choke courtesy of Darth Maul.

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I have to get a wisdom tooth taken out today and I'm so nervous.
I didn't even have wisdom teeth until about two years ago when this one little half-tooth started to develop.  That's right about the time I started getting these ferocious headaches, so I'm really hoping that getting it taken out will mean that my headaches go away.
I'm really nervous.
I've not had much dental work done.  Ever.  Even a regular trip to the dentist makes me sweaty with nerves until I hear those magic words, "Everything looks good!"  Then I relax for another six months.
I'm really quite nervous.  Have I mentioned that?
Last night I told Adam I was nervous.  He had completely forgotten it was happening today because I hadn't said a single thing.  He's so sweet.  He prayed for me right there, told me to cancel the things I had planned for today, that he would come home early and do something for dinner.  What a guy!  I'm really hoping it's not a big deal, and I keep telling myself it won't be, but I completely forgot about the fact that Novocaine and possibly other drugs might be involved which is why I didn't think to cancel work and plan something else for dinner.
But now I'm nervous.  Oh, yeah, I said that already.

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Adam's brother is getting married at the end of April and my niece is getting married at the beginning of June and I think that calls for a new dress!  Have you ever heard of eShakti?  Oh my, super cute stuff!  Ruthanne gave us a fashion show for her new dress from them along with a discount code (good through 3/25).  Right now they have a buy one, get one 50% off.  Go look!  I'm trying to narrow down my choices.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll have seen a bunch of dresses pop up and now you know why.  I love having a reason to buy a fun dress!

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