Monday, February 18, 2013

This weekend

This is a busy week for my kids.  We dedicated Saturday to completing projects-all three of them had projects due this week! 

Sprite's was today.  The 5th grade had a Presidential Wax Museum in honor of Presidents' Day today.  Sprite was James Madison.  You pushed a "button" and they would stand up and say their spiel.  For her prop (what she worked on this weekend), she chose to recreate a portion of the Constitution since Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution.  She did a great job.


Puck has a Science Fair tomorrow evening.  He chose to study cheetahs.  This was the best project because the Kindergarteners have been working with their book buddies to research and create their report all at school.  It's fantastic.  So the only thing that needed to be done at home was the 3-D project.  Puck decided to do a sort of diorama.  Very cool. 

Here is the African Savannah, home of the cheetah, Kindergarten-style

Scamp has been working on his Around the World project for about 6 weeks.  His teacher did such a good job of spreading this research project out, having different dead-lines for different aspects of it so the kids didn't get overwhelmed.  They have also done the majority of work at school, but a display of some sort was needed for their presentation on Wednesday.  Scamp, who struggles with focus and is easily distracted, shocked us all (pleasantly so!) with his steadfast working this weekend.  He worked for several hours straight and was so pleased with his work (as were we!). 
This is a sheep called an Agali from Kazakhstan (it looks remarkably like a big horn sheep)

I was really dreading working on these projects.  Adam and believe firmly in kids working on their own projects with as little help from us as possible.  And that's exactly what happened with these three projects.  Hooray!!

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