Saturday, February 23, 2013

Links to browse with your coffee this weekend

I read a few blogs who will sometimes post links to sites they've discovered on the weekend and I love it.  So I thought I'd try it out, too!  There's no flattery like imitation!

This article on parenting was simple but so good.

Meg went to Haiti.  You probably already knew this but if you haven't seen her photos and read her post, do it now.  Every now and then, I'll find a blogger who I think, "Hey, I could really like this person in real life!"  Meg is one of those bloggers.  And I would really love to either go to Craft Weekend or at least host one like it, wouldn't you?! 

As we get ready to move, my mind wanders to what our next home will look like and be.  I find myself looking more and more at home decor.  I think I loved every single one of these overhead lighting choices the Nester shows here, especially those awesome orange pendants (not that I could ever get Adam to go for something like that, but a girl can dream!).

THIS company.

And finally, something I just read today was the exact thing we were talking about at dinner last night!  Did  you know that with something as simple as a new SD card, you can connect your camera by wi-fi to your phone, computer or any other devise?  So cool.  Here's the product and here's a great review.

Have a great weekend!

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