Friday, February 22, 2013

Last week of term=craziness

Always.  That's what the last week of term always means.  And, unfortunately, that also means for me little to no blogging.

Monday, Sprite had a project due on one of our first presidents:  James Madison.

Tuesday, Puck had a science fair at school, followed by a potluck.  He chose to study cheetahs, created a diorama, a picture poster and report with his 4th grade book buddy, and took a survey of his classmates to see who liked cheetahs and who didn't.  (The shocking result of that survey was unanimous votes for Yes, they all like cheetahs~~wow!)

Kindergarten science fair-Addi studied cheetahs
I was a dummy and forgot my camera.  Phone pix to the rescue!

Wednesday, Scamp's Around the World Country project on Kazakhstan was due.  He had to research his country, write out a rough and final draft, notecards for his presentation, create a display for his presentation and then present his report.  We also made Kazakh Lemon Chicken for lunch that day (which was surprisingly good).
This sort of project is challenging for any kid, and Scamp was no exception.  I knew this was coming, having gone through it with Sprite who is a self-starter when she was in 3rd grade, and I was absolutely dreading it since Scamp is the opposite of a self-starter....what would that be?  A self-distracter?  I don't know, anyway I was completely not looking forward to it.  But it was such a pleasant surprise, he was able to focus and stay on target to get his work done.  I'm not saying it was without angst and turmoil, just much less then I had anticipated and readied myself for.  And he did all the work himself, too, I want to be clear on that!

To top everything off on this busy week, Puck came home sick with a fever on Wednesday and has been recuperating on the couch.  And of course our Spring Break starts today at 1:00!  Oh well, he's feeling better and now all we can hope for is that the rest of us stay well.

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