Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's only Wednesday but I'm feeling the need for a recap

I'm not dripping as much as I would like.

I just figured out how to connect my Instagram feed to my Flickr stream!  I know, that's so last Tuesday, but I'm really happy because now I don't have to Instagram my photos, send it to my email, download the photo from my email onto my computer and then upload said photo to Flickr.  Can you now see why I'm so excited!

Time saving is good!

I've still got my big girl camera, but I have to say that I'm starting to understand the beauty of having a pocket camera that can connect to the Internet from anywhere.  Pretty cool.  I do see some irony, though, in that I used to have a pocket camera (in Korea, where my love of photography actually started) and couldn't wait to upgrade to a big girl camera, and now I carry around a tiny little camera in the form of my phone.  Oh yes, sir, I DO see the irony!

We helped friends move Saturday.  I helped in the packing since I have soooo much experience.  I should say, unfortunately I have so much experience.  I had to keep reminding folks that experience does NOT equal professionalism!  I'm much more likely to stuff a box overfull, or put the spices with the bed linens simply because they fit, and that, my friends, is not good packing.  But it does work.  Sometimes.

This genius I picked up from my friend that I will most absolutely be doing when our lovely move time comes (only 4 months--eek!!!!).
There's always something to learn when it comes to moving and packing.
So smart!  She has a special notebook (read: a specific notebook dedicated to this particular job, not sharing space with blog notes, grocery lists, lists of books to read and recipes to to be made.  In other words, not like any other notebook that I already have) and in this notebook, she has recorded each box.  A box gets packed, taped up, NUMBERED (important), simply labeled (i.e. "Kitchen") and then the coinciding number is listed in the notebook with a bit more of a specific description of what's in the box.  That will really help when you pack your cooking utensils, label it "Kitchen", but then can't remember which of the 9 Kitchen boxes you happened to actually pack those utensils in.  Does that make any sense whatsoever?  I'll be more descriptive when I actually start packing.  Hmm, perhaps a Moving Series is in order for the blog....

Moving helpers
Shhhh...don't tell the Sheriff!

Thursday of last week was my morning to drive in.  The roads were awful.  Well, they were in my Nervous-Nelly opinion.  Adam thought they were absolutely fine.  Hmff.  When I dropped the kids off in Vail, this is what it looked like:
and then when I drove the 37 miles west, yet 2,000 feet lower in altitude, to our home, this is what it looked like:
Hands totally on the wheel, by the way.  I was just lucky to get both of these shots.  I didn't even know if I was getting sky until I got home and looked at my phone in my garage, not on the street.  Please!

The next day was beautiful, thank goodness, since my kids had a ski day.
Ready to ski

If you want to follow my sometimes boring, sometimes slightly interesting Instagram feed, I'm bethdube over there.
I'm not usually fond of taking selfies but this one will do.

Halfway through they week and we're doing fine!  How are you?

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