Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's cold.  C-c-c-c-old!  Cold, as in it hasn't been above freezing in about three weeks.  That statistic could be off a bit, but not much.  This morning it was -13 here in what is fondly called "the Banana Belt" in our little valley, and as you drive up in altitude, the temperature drives down in Fahrenheit.


Everybody is talking about it.  You can't dress warmly enough to go outside.  My toes are constantly chilled.  Recess and any other form of outside play are off limits at the moment.  The dog and cat are going a little crazy, as are the kids.

Thankfully, warmer temps are in the forecast.

Getting back to writing is so. very. hard.  It almost feels awkward, like I should reintroduce myself.  Hi.  My name is Beth.  

Awkward like when you've met someone and then see them later and can't remember their name, so you apologetically ask again, and of course their gracious and tell you again.  And then you see them somewhere else and can't remember their nameAwkward.

So I am just plunging in with a little randomness this afternoon, hoping that it will get the writing process started up again for me.  I still want to post how Christmas was, and our trip to Denver, and that one of my best friends here moved away and left me without her and my kids without neighborhood friends (sheese, how's that for a guilt trip--just kidding Sarah!), new books I've read, my discovery that Pearl Jam should have been an integral part of my teens years and wasn't, my new-to-me favorite TV show Parenthood (I'm probably the last American woman to start watching this amazing show), and how a vanilla latté can really make a ho-hum afternoon great.  Etc, etc, and etc.  Stuff like that.  You know.....typically random blog stuff.


And random pictures, a necessary part of any random blog post.

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