Friday, January 25, 2013

A little bit about books

We all want our kids to be readers, right?  We want them to have a love of books.  To become immersed in a good read.  To find a book series and devour it and then miss it when it comes to an end.  We want them to always have a book on hand.  We want them to be good readers.  To read those "just-right" books the teachers are always talking about, and then every now and then tackle a "challenge" book.

I want that for my kids.  Don't you?

My kids do love to read, we are fortunate in that.  Earlier this week, Scamp came home with a book entitled, "Sir Fartsalot" (I'm honestly shaking my head that that word is now on this blog).  I scanned through it and was just irked.  Surely this can't be called literature?

Let's face it--boys love potty humor, and they do just fine on their won.  I don't that means that they need whole series of books that caters and indulges in that humor.  So, we talked at home about how we shouldn't fill our minds with what Adam delicately referred to as pablum.

This week I had a few extra minutes and headed to the library to find Scamp some decent books, fun and lively, that he would enjoy, but didn't enlist the usage of potty words.  I did find some good books, there are SO many out there, so it's not hard to find.  But I also found these:
books 2

*shaking my head now, again*

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