Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100th day woes

Life Saver Bandolier
Scamp's Life Saver Bandolier from 2 years ago
Thursday, January 31st, is the 100th day at our school.

Does this day fill any other mother with dread?  I find myself thankful that out of my three, only Puck's class (Kindergarten) is doing something this year. 

I know, I know, the kids love it!  It's so FUN!  But today, as I'm planning my once-a-week shopping trip to my favorite store in the whole wide world (I write WM on my shopping list, and please note the sarcasm), I realized Puck and I haven't talked about what he wants to do.  Which, ultimately, will mean another trip to the store.  Oy.

One hundred life-savers strung on a string?  One hundred cheerios?  One hundred stickers on a shirt?  One hundred hair ties for a bracelet?

Stringing the bandolier

Given his adoration of LEGOs,  we should probably think of something to do with those.  Ideas, anyone?

**I just visited Pinterest (duh, I know) and found a bunch of ideas.  I am breathing a sigh.  I guess we can say, again, "Thank you, Pinterest!"  I'll show you our final results later this week.

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Jen said...

100 pennies that write out 100??