Thursday, December 20, 2012


Usually I think of the topic of Organization when the new calendar flips over. But this year, I'm thinking about it right now. 

We have a new computer (mine ODed on caffeine, remember?) and it's a Mac.  Very cool and all that, but I've always, always used a PC.  I do love Mac, so it wasn't a loyalty thing.  In fact, about 5 months after I bought that PC (4 years ago) I regretted it and vowed that I would never buy one again.  But Macs are so very different from the way a PC works.

For instance, my new Photoshop Elements did NOT want to load.  I had to uninstall and reinstall it about 5 times.  It just wouldn't open up.  So, somehow (honestly can't remember what I did that last time) I got it to open and "planted" it there on the bottom bar of my screen so that I can find and open it.  That's probably not very orthodox, but it's working for now and so I'll leave it be unless it decides it doesn't like that.

Another thing:  this whole photo vs. picture file thing is very confusing.  If you don't know what I'm harping about AND YOU SHOULD BE THANKFUL IF YOU DON'T, please, just click on to something more interesting and check back here another day.  It's ok, it won't hurt my feelings.

But getting back to the photo vs picture thing, well, basically, my downloaded photos are in about four different places with about three different ways of being labeled and I have no idea how to remedy that.  On my old PC, I just had a folder simply labeled "Pictures" and each folder inside that had it's own month and then each photo was automatically assigned it's own number.  There wasn't much brain work for me to mess with! 

So, Mac users.  Any tips I should know about?  I'm driving Adam crazy with all the new folders I keep creating (on purpose and accidentally) on the desktop.  Very messy.  Very unorganized.  He's pretty left-brained and I'm .... well, I suppose I'm somewhere right in the middle of left- and right-brained, which makes me only slightly less infuriating to a left-brainer.

If you're into that whole left-brain/right-brain debate.  I am.  And I'm not.  SEE?  See what I mean?

That was a right-brained tangent, in case you're wondering.

So back to organization.  I am going to attempt to organize my photos on this new computer before it gets out of hand.  I only have a handful of downloads so far since all my other photos are on my other computer and uploaded to Flickr for safe keeping.  Wish me luck!

It's hard for me to post without a photo, so here are some random yet sweet cows.

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