Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mystery Visitor


A Visitor made an appearance late, late Sunday night (or, rather early Monday morning).  Winnie the Guard Dog made sure we knew all was not normal at 12:30 Monday morning with her few, but very loud, barks.  Winnie never, ever, barks unless she's worried.  And apparently, this visitor was cause for worry.

He's a slippery looking guy.

Around his neck was a sign letting us know he would only be here one day and that we should leave a little something for the folks who were his "feet".


It wasn't even light out when my kids somehow knew with their eerily accurate Kid-Sense that something was up with the front of our house.




This morning when we woke up he was gone.  Off to pay a visit to another family.  His "helpers" sure are going to be busy over the next few weeks!  So fun!  Thanks to our amazing friends who thought up this fun surprise!

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