Friday, December 7, 2012

It's Friday, and thank goodness

It's cloudy.  I think it might snow.  It's Friday.  And I'm all scattered in my thoughts.  It's a listy kind of day!

  • I'm making cookies (these) for the annual Christmas cookie exchange my friend does every year.  This is such a fun party, I'm really going to miss it.  Maybe I'll have to start my own exchange.....
  • All our decorations are up, such as they are.  I'm not an extreme decorator.  I don't go in for the whole "perfect Christmas tree".  We have old ornaments, the paper kind my kids made, salt-dough blobs with paint that at one time might have resembled least in the creator's mind.  I'll post about our annual Christmas tree hunt soon.
  • **This just in--it's snowing!
I took this photo last weekend when we got our tree.  Look how little snow there it?!  Crazy.
  • Tonight our family is going to a Christmas show at our local concert venue.  We will eat out first and get home late.  I'm hoping for a fun time with few skirmishes.  I'm hoping my hope is not in vain.
  • I got a new camera for my birthday and it's lovely.  My old, trusty Nikon had stopped focusing and was losing photos.  I'm still getting used to this new fancy one.  My old one felt fancy and swanky, and now it just looks sort of sad sitting next to my new one.  What should I do with my old one?  I have no idea.  Do you just throw something like that away?  That seems a bit wasteful, but I don't know what else to do.  Thoughts?
  • What Christmas movies have you watched this year?  We're going to break out National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation tomorrow.  Classic.  We also have Elf, A Christmas Carol (with Patrick Steward, my absolute favorite version EVER), It's a Wonderful Life (that Adam can't seem to stay awake through, maybe this is the year!) and a few cartoons for the kids' enjoyment.
  • Each and every single Friday our trash comes.  Every Friday.  And nearly every Friday I forget that it's trash day.  Usually I will hear the truck in the neighborhood and rush out to the garage to get the can out in time.  Today, however, was a new low.  I heard the truck in our alley, rushed out to the garage to get the can and literally opened the garage door as the truck was pulling up to our house!  The garbage collector and I shared a goofy grin as I wheeled my can into the trucks waiting arm.  Actually, my grin was goofy, his was more like, "Lady, every.single. Friday.  Geeze."
Have an awesome Friday and weekend!

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