Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fourteen Years

Adam and I have made it an unintentional tradition to forget our anniversary for the past 10 or so years.  When your anniversary falls just a few days before Christmas, the most busy wonderful time of the year, and you have a pair of folks who over commit themselves anyway, and one of those pair works at a school where there is SO much going on this time of year, and the other of that pair is just plain forgetful,'s just a perfect storm.

So, this morning after I rushed Adam with the kids out the door on this most snowy of mornings, I sat down to enjoy my daily Advent reading and lo and behold! there it was:  December 19th.  Right before my very eyes.  We had forgotten.  Again.

I called him as soon as I thought he'd be to school since I didn't want to call him on his cell while he was driving and risk being the reason they slid off the road.  He answered and I said, "There's something you and I need to say to one another right now.  Today."

Fourteen years ago today, on a very, very cold Missouri afternoon, I married my very best friend.  We couldn't suit each other better, even if we lose at those "how well do you know your spouse" games.

Sprite caught this shot of us back in the fall when we took our family Christmas photo.  Adam completely caught me off guard with this kiss, and it literally made the kids ewwww and say DAD!  And I love that we have this captured.  Every girl should have a picture like this...even if it is 14 years after the first "I do."

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