Sunday, December 16, 2012

A little more Charlie Brown, a little less Mr. Willowby

Since this is our last year to officially be able to truly "hunt" down our Christmas tree, we made sure to have our permit at the ready and added it to our schedules so we wouldn't forget.

It was an gorgeous day.  We hadn't had a lot of snow yet, but where we were, there at least was some.  I didn't actually get any "in action" photos due to the fact that there was hiking in a feet of snow and I was afraid for my camera pairing with this somewhat-clumsy gal.  But, you know how trees always look smaller in the field then in your home?  It's true.  Very true.

tree collage

We actually cut off about 18 inches from the top because it was a little ridiculous looking.  So while we did cut the top off and tossed it outside, any resemblance there might have been to Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree was replaced by more of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

And we love it.

Believe it or not, it's actually the best tree we've cut down living here in Colorado.  I will miss hiking through the snowy woods and mountains looking for that tree each December. 

Here are our fellow hunters who played their part by sledding and haloo-ing while Adam and I did the actual work.
And, of course, what's a snowy hike without our Mountain Dog?

Only one more week of school til the Christmas break.  Fun things are planned, including a Kindergarten bake sale to raise money for the families we've adopted for this season, a Winter Solstice assembly, good food and drink, friends and celebration, continuing to read our Advent story each night, and trying to remember that we are celebrating the Birth of our King.

It's a bit late, but Desiring God ministries put together a lovely devotional for Advent reading.  It's only a few minutes each day, but they are powerful readings. It's free.  Download it today and start reading.

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