Monday, November 26, 2012

The Monday After

I don't know about you, but the Monday after a holiday weekend is just plain sad.

SO hard to get myself out of bed this morning.  SO hard to get the kids out of their beds this morning.  Turkey coma still in effect, apparently.

But we did it.  We got out of bed, no fights ensued (a small post-holiday miracle), and the kids were on their way to school.  And here I sit, nursing my hot tea, postponing working out as long as I can.

Thankfully, the sun is shining, which makes getting up and going a bit easier.

A bit.

BUT.  In other news....  We have news!!  I have been sitting on this forever but it's finally time for me to share.  If you know me in real life, you might already know and for that I apologize.

We are moving!  To Missouri!  Missouri might not feel all that sexy, and I'll admit, if it wasn't my home state and town, I'd not be too excited.  But since we are moving back home, well....that's something completely different.  After living far from family for so many years, it will be so great to be close again! 

I am so excited for our future as a family!!

The obviously worst part about it all is saying good-bye to precious friends here.  Fortunately, we have until this summer to spend time together and soak them up.

Now to start the packing list. However, after 11 moves in the past 15 years, I'm getting pretty good.

How was your Thanksgiving?

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