Thursday, November 22, 2012

May your day be filled with Thanks

Yesterday was our kid's Thanksgiving assembly at school.  Our music teacher does such a rockin' job of teaching those little ones their songs with accompanying instruments.  SO CUTE.

The Kindergarten?  About did me in when they sang Hello in all those different languages.

And then there was the 3rd grade, singing how their school is so great and awesome.  Scamp played the sticks.  I know they had an instrumenty-sounding name, but all that's coming to mind is 'clavical' and I don't think that's what he told me they were called.

And then it was time for the 5th grade band.  Twenty-four lovely first-time band players playing 'Au Clair de a la Lune,' 'Row Lightly' and something called 'Mozart Medley.'  It was......musical.

Dismissal at 12:00!  Came home in glorious autumn sunshine.  Napped!   Walked the dog!  Laughed together!  Even Adam came home much earlier than usual!

Awesome start to this long weekend.

Teresa, our friend we met in Korea, emailed me earlier today and reminded me of our Thanksgiving feast in Korea.  We had just had Puck a month before and were determined to celebrate this most American holiday.  Turkey wasn't to be had, but a pork tenderloin made a good stand-in.  Pumpkin pie (!) from Costco was the most memorable delicacy.  I can't tell you what else we had, I don't remember, but it was the being together that made it so very, very special.  

In Teresa's own words,

"It reinforces that the most memorable holidays have much more to do with the people and fellowship than anything else."

This is Sprite (age 5), Scamp (age 2) and our sweet friend, Teresa at Thanksgiving 2006, Korea

I hope that this Thanksgiving will be filled with people you love!  I know ours will be.

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