Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I need to talk about books

You all know me, I love books.  I've been known to turn the car around if I realize I've forgotten my book.

So, what are you reading lately?

I have a new favorite author:  Kate Morton.

I just started The Forgotten Garden and have read all of her other books.  They are fantastic.  So well written, deep and thought provoking.  I  find myself thinking about the characters, the problems, possible answers long after I've set the book down.  The Distant Hours gave me downright chills!  Some are harder to get into then others, but I always try to give a book at least 100 pages (unless it turns out it's smut) and I'm glad I did.  Very worth a slow start.

I tried JK Rowlings new adult novel and put it down in about 10 pages.  I don't know, just something about it wasn't jiving with me.  I guess I didn't give it the "fair" 100 page trail, but there are just too many good books out there to waste time on a bad one.

Mrs. Queen Takes the Train did get a fair trial, but also was put down due to extreme boredom.  By page 100, characters were still being introduced, of those characters there were so many I was getting lost and confused, and worst of all I had no idea of the plot.

The Hiding Place is on my next-to-read list.  We talked about it on the Women's Retreat last weekend and I was captivated.  I read it in high school, but am looking forward to reading it again.  I love the quotes, the message, the heartbreak, that it points directly to Christ, all of it.

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So it's Thanksgiving weekend!!  We have a half-day today, and I'm getting ready to leave in a couple of minutes to secure my spot in the auditorium for the annual Thanksgiving assembly at our kids' school.  Then tomorrow we are going to a friend's house to FEAST!  I love Thanksgiving, everything about it.  I love that it's a wonderful holiday to remind ourselves why we are thankful, to purposefully take time to dwell on our blessings.  Love that it's festive, due to it's timing right before Christmas, but that it's low-key due to the fact that we still have time to shop for Christmas!

What's on your Thanksgiving weekend agenda?  Travel?  Snuggling down to chill?

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Jen said...

I loved the forgotten garden! Read it in two days! Reading The Hobbit right now....and The Hiding Place is soon to follow!! Happy Thanksgiving!!