Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A list when nothing cohesive will come


All last week I kept meaning to blog. I'd go so far as to open up my Blogger Dashboard.  And there it would sit on my tab bar, until I shut my computer down for the night.

Sometimes I have so many things I want to write about but nothing comes to my fingers when it's time.  However, it seems that sometimes the best antidote to a writing block is to just start writing. 

A list to the rescue!  With pictures, of course.

  • This past weekend our church had their first ever Women's Retreat.  I've not ever been to something like this and so wasn't sure what to expect.  It was great.  Super encouraging and I wish I could have gone for the whole time, but our school's gala was Saturday night.  I was asked to do a photo walk at the retreat.  I was very excited to share what I know (which isn't a whole lot, but hey! oh well) and we had a beautiful walk around the ranch where we were staying.  By the way, all the photos shared here are from that day.  
  • We had our first big snow storm this weekend.  It's a good thing, too, because the mountain was positively GREEN as of last Thursday.
  • Tea somehow got spilled on my computer and now the space bar along with several of the bottom keys don't even work.  All my photos from the past 4 years are on that computer so I've been slowly working to get them onto Flickr in case the whole machine decides to overdoes on caffeine and go into a coma.  
  • I am now using Adam's beautiful Mac book.  It's lovely.  I can never go back to a PC again.  Ever.
  • Drinks are not allowed on the computer table or within 10 feet of this computer.  Amen.
  • Last week Snapfish had a penny prints sale, up to 300 photos for one cent each!  I could not pass that up.  I've talked here before about making sure that each and every month you make a "Best Of" folder of your favorite photos.  Please, do this.  Start today, work your way back from this month.  It will make it SO unbelievably easier to sort through your photos when you do get a great sale like that.  I realized I stopped doing that at the beginning of last year.  Don't be like me.  Please, please, please organize your photos!!  
  • Thanksgiving is coming.  Did you know that?  What kind of turkey are you doing?  Or are you more of a pork roast or beef crown roast person?  Lamb?  Thanksgiving is the only time I do a turkey and I love it.  Just that once.  And I love all the leftovers.  There are so many great things you can do with left over turkey.  So many things, in fact, that my kids start to gag at the very thought of left over turkey long before it's actually done.  It's awesome.
  • This has been the slowest start to a school year.  Ever.  I've decided to enjoy it since the others seem to fly by in a blink of an eye.
  • I cleaned the kids downstairs for the last time yesterday.  And this time I mean it.  It's no wonder they couldn't clean it (or wouldn't, I'm no dummy) it was absolutely OVERWHELMING.  Too. Much. STUFF!!  As of tomorrow, however, things will much easier to clean up down there though.  I made a list of things that will be packed up and put away.  I'm not even going to tell them.  It's not that I don't think they'll notice, it's that I think it will actually take them a long time to notice.  And when they do I will explain that I did it for them, to make it easier for them to pick up, because I love them.  And then they will say "MOTHER! I LOVE YOU" and they will dance around and SING MY PRAISES. O yes they will.
  • I just saw a pig fly by.

Happy Tuesday!  


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