Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 4: Bible Study

I'm not actually talking about getting together with a group of women to study the Bible, although this is a really wonderful way to spend your time and I've been part of this sort of group many times. 

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What I'm talking about is being able to have the time to open up your Bible, pour into it, bringing prayer into your study time, reading from others who have studied the Bible and can shed light.  As a Christian woman, Bible study refreshes my soul causing me to more peacefully go about my day, being present as I am Being Home.  It doesn't solve all your problems immediately, so I'm not saying that.  There is just a peace that comes from spending time with my Lord each day. 

There are even great bloggers who not only are wives and moms just like you, but women who study their Bible and then write for others.  Every day (and sometimes more than once), I get a post from Kim Shay who writes at The Upward Call.  She is a Canadian, wife and mother, theologian (yes, I'll use that word to describe her!) and she really knows her stuff.  She challenges me all.the.time.  Sometimes, she has just a few words of encouragement or a challenge, but sometimes she really brings it all out and will post a huge, wordy, Scripture-filled post that I'll read before realizing that I've sat there and read it.  That's some good writing!

Yesterday, she wrote at Out of the Ordinary on God's goodness.  Wow.  Just wow.  You have to read this.  If you think God's goodness means you're happy all the time or that it means bad things don't happen, you've got it wrong.  Children die tragically and suddenly.  Friends get really sick.  Plumbing leaks and ruins your floors.  Jobs get fired and cause financial crises.    Bank cards get stolen and clean out your bank account.  Is God still good?  Even when life seems to be tumbling down on you?

Stop reading what I'm writing.  Right now!  GO read her post.  It will bless you and bring you closer to our good God.

This post is one in a 31 day series about Being Home.  To read from the beginning of this series, please click here

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