Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: For your kids

One reason we moms stay home is because our kids are little and they are at home.  Well, what about when they all go to school?

Adam and I decided that (for this year at least) it would serve our family best if I stayed home, even while all the kids are in school during the day.  Now I have to insert here that I do tutor in the afternoons (possibly more about that another time) but I am still at home during the day and in the afternoons and evenings.

Here is a perfect example of why we choose to do this:

Scamp came home from school after a rough start to the day (tears may have been involved) and an email home from his teacher letting me know he wasn't getting homework done.  The ride home was sort of late, so it wasn't until after dinner that we got started on homework.  But we did it.  Together.  I didn't do it for him, but sat beside him asking questions, answering questions and generally being a support.  I had enough energy to help him with his math, his handwriting and his spelling because I wasn't exhausted from my day.

Ok, so I totally was exhausted, I'm not Mary Poppins, but I was able to be there for Scamp.  I am not always there.  Too many times I am far, far away, at least mentally and I can't find the patience or fortitude to really help my kids when they need it.  When I am able to get my own things done during the day, I'm able to focus my attention on my kids when they get home.  We can even eat dinner on time and get to bed a reasonable hour most nights!

Not everyone chooses to stay home and I absolutely get that and respect that.  I truly do feel it's a personal choice and that every family is different.  With that said, for our family, this is the right choice for now.

Yesterday was  a success.  I hope today was as well.  And I pray that more days will be successes and not failures.

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Editorial note:  I'm heading out town tomorrow and might not have the chance to blog the next few days.  I'm giving myself that freedom--yea for freedom!--and will choose not to feel guilty after taking the challenge and then totally digging on it by skipping out for a few days. Hang with me, ok?

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