Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22: Feasting, staying well and Flannel graph!

Saturday did indeed consist of  a family photo shoot (I'll share more later) which was a ton of fun and no, I  am not joking.

We then had a early mini-Thanksgiving feast.  This is due to the fact that as I looked through my food magazines that I got this month, I dog-earred so many darned pages of amazing looking dishes to cook for Thanksgiving that I knew there was no way on earth we could possibly consume that amount of food in a 24 hour eating period on the traditional 4th Thursday of November.  Something had to be done.  That something is turning out to be about a 6 week slew of fall comfort foods appearing on our table in some form.  Saturday's meal was actually an Indian-inspired Thanksgiving feast (compliments of Racheal Ray's staff, thankyouverymuch).  Everything was delicious, we were sufficiently stuffed but since I used chicken instead of the usual suspect, there was no turkey-coma.

It was an awesome weekend.  Unscheduled, but full.  Lovely.

Oh!  And we got over that yucky virus.  Please stay away if you are carrying it.  Thank you.

Part of my plan for myself this year has been to help in our church at coordinating some Sunday School stuff.  We have a great new curriculum (Desiring God, awesome stuff) and along with the preschool lessons there are kick-back old school style Flannel graph stories.  Do you remember flannel graph?  Oh my.  Good, good stuff.  Unfortuantely, all the felt pieces come in sheets of screen printed Jesus', lambs, palm trees and a whole lot more.  6,000 pieces more.  And they all need to be cut, by hand, and put in the filing system.  Wooo weeeee.......


But, with the help of Netflix, roasted almonds and tea, I'm pushing through and it's actually a bit soothing, sort of in the way folding laundry is soothing.

Is that just me?

This is day 22.

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