Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2: Field Trips

Tipping my hat to the side of Irony, what I'm talking about today actually takes me out of the home.

My kids have been in school for four years now.  Sprite is in 5th grade (I home schooled her Kindergarten year), Scamp is in 3rd and Puck is in Kindergarten.  So, for Sprite and Scamp, there have been a minimum of about 16 field trips that I've missed because I had Puck at home.  I did a bit of driving when I could and there was a need, but for the actual field trip I couldn't participate.

Until this year.

I now have a Kindergartner, which means ALL the children are in school and I am on my own.  That is actually what prompted my thinking for this series.  What to do with my time?  How to redeem it wisely?  How to be the best at Being Home.

My oldest have both had their first field trips this year, and I've been able to go on both.  Puck's very first ever school-related field trip is tomorrow and he is so excited!  Our community has a nature and conservation program called Walking Mountains.  It's a little bit conservation department, a little bit ecological, a little bit just get out and explore.  The instructors are fun and very knowledgeable and the kids always have a great time.  Naturally, so do I.

Do you go on your children's field trips?  It really connects you to them in a fun, out-of-the-home setting.  You also have the benefit of getting to know their friends and teachers, a bonus when it comes to sorting out who's who and giving them a chance to see who you really are outside of the carpool line.

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