Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13: Finding what you love to do {Photography}

As you might have noticed, I'm taking this 31 Day challenge to write everyday with a grain of salt.  Mine is more of a 31ish Day challenge.  I'd like to think that goes along perfectly with my topic of Being Home.  Sometimes being home comes with sick kids, extra errands, or laundry that threatens to take hostages. 

Bottom line:  I am living a real life, with real people, not to even mention real laundry issues, and so sometimes those real things get in the way of my "schedule" of writing. 

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My love of photography started when we lived in Korea, and we took our camera everywhere.  We tried to see as much of Seoul and the surrounding areas because it was all new and an adventure.  We want Sprite and Scamp to experience it, knowing they most likely wouldn't remember as they were too young. We soon realized that where ever we went, we were making memories that we probably wouldn't experience again.  Our camera was the key to us not forgetting it.  We now are able to look back at our photos from that time with a clarity that we probably wouldn't have if it were left to our minds only.

Somewhere in that time, I realized that I actually enjoyed taking the photographs, not purely for the memory aspect.  When we moved back home to the States, I began looking at photography sites, dreaming and "shopping" for a nicer camera on Amazon.  Adam finally went ahead and bought one for me because, if left on my own, I would never pull the trigger.

I am a self-taught, amateur photographer.  There, I said it OUT LOUD!  I am a photographer for my own enjoyment, I love it not because I make money off of it (I don't, but think that could be cool...some day) but because of the enjoyment I get and can share with others. 

Maybe you love sewing but haven't had time to even get your machine out of storage.  Maybe you love cooking but are stuck in the doldrums of the same small handful of meals on rotation.  Gardening?  Knitting?  Ummm.....scuba diving?

I would love to hear what you've discovered about yourself and what you love!  Share in the comments!

This is number 13 of a 31 Day Challenge on Being Home.  Read from the beginning here.  There are over 1,200 topics to read about!  WOW.  Go over and choose a few to follow this month of October.  Be inspired!

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