Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 11: Finding the thing you love {Writing}

Gosh, I hate typos, and I feel the need to apologize for the egregious typo on the title of yesterday's post.  The title for Pete's sake!  Geese.  I fixed it and I feel better.

But that brings me to today.


Growing up, I was always writing stories.  Were you that kind of kid?  I loved making up stories, creating characters, plot, description, all of it.  And then high school hit, and while I was a decent writer, I wasn't exactly encouraged to write creatively.  It was much more about reporting.  And then college, well, if you've taken any college course you know it's ALL about spitting facts back out in a cohesive, readable document.  It was a bit better when I got into my area of study (education), but only marginally.

I lost my love of writing.  And no wonder.

I started this blog way back in the days of 2006 (I'm not even gonna link up to that, if you're really curious, just go over to the side bar and look at the archives.  I guarantee, the interest level is loooowww) just as a way for our family and friends to see our life in Korea without bombarding their email inboxes with 1000s of photos as an attachment.   It was a great way to do that very thing.  I had absolutely NO intention of becoming "one of those bloggers." 

But I loved it and quickly, it developed into a way for expression, not just reporting.

All of a sudden, I remembered that I actually did enjoy writing.  I wasn't the best writer out there, but I was learning, and I could get my point across, even entertaining on occasion.

Blogging is such an interesting platform.  Here I am, this self-proclaimed Introvert, writing for the Big Ol' Bloggespere for anybody to read.  I have a few readers, I love reading other blogs, and have even made some friends.  And I know that sounds weird to some people, but it's true and I'm still a normal person!  At least as normal as any of us is.

My round-about-point is this:  find what it is you love and DO IT!

What do you love?  You have time.  Remind yourself, or find it brand new.  Do what you love!

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