Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10: Pushing the Introvert's Envelope

Come on introverts.  Raise those hands.  I know you're out there.

If you're not and introvert, you're just not going to get this post.  This is all about us introverts taking a tiny little baby step and getting out of our comfort zone (which includes exactly our home, or in the case of which I will speak of, our car).

I'm not sure how drop-off and pick-up go at your school, but I'm guessing there are a handful of you out there who do the carpool routine at least a few times a week if not more.  Since our school takes kids from all over our valley and even beyond, we don't have a bus system.  If we want our kids to get to and from school, we do it ourselves.  And the afternoon carpool line can start queuing at least 30 minutes before school lets out.  This can be cause for angst...but that is completely not where I'm going with this!

This invert typically likes to just sit in her car and either listen to the news or read.  Other moms and dads are out there, chatting it up, looking truly happy to be interacting with other moms and dads.   I just....struggle with that.

Now if you know me in real life, you may not understand what I'm saying because if I know you, I can be quite the chatter in my own right. 

But if I don't know you, then I'm shy.  Quite shy.  I can't remember names all the time, which causes me to duck my head and pretend like I'm in my own world if I see you.

But once, last week, I did venture out of my car during carpool.  The weather was exceptionally fall-like and beautiful.  I was feeling brave.  I opened my car door and approached another car.  I did know this mom, slightly, so I wasn't out there getting all risky, but it was still a challenge to just open that door and open my mouth.

And I loved it.  It was great.  I felt refreshed and energized.  Talking with other moms really does make you feel sane and normal!  Amazing.

So this is my challenge, to all you other inverts out there as well as myself:  just get out of your little tiny comfort zone.  Maybe it means you talk to your neighbor when you bump into them on the sidewalk.  Maybe it means you strike up a conversation with a new person at church.  You might even join a book club or parents group at your kids' school so you can meet new friends (yet still keep the old!).  

Possibly that first step can just mean opening your car door at the drop-off.

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